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This template can be used for necklaces. The syntax is:



What you should put in each space:

 |Level=                               Level of the Necklace
 |Desc=                                In-game decription
 |Element=                             Element of Necklace, as seen in icon
 |Rarity=                              Rarity
 |Location=                            Where it is found in the game
 |Buy=                                 Shopprice or Quest Reward
 |Sell=                                Gold received from selling it 
 |NeedDA=                              DragonAmulet needed? Yes or No
|stat=The stat modified, eg: INT, STR, Bonus, Resistance, etc
|mod=How much the stat is modifed, eg: +1, -2, -3, etc


 |Desc=Heart Pendant
 |Location=[[Town Hall]]
 |Buy=Quest Reward
 |Sell=500 Gold

== Modifiers ==