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Use this template to add a Monster to the database.

If there are two level variations of the same monster, add (Level *) to the page title after the monster's name. For instance, Deadwood (Level 1) and Deadwood (Level 6), or Deadwood (Scaled Level). Again a single space is inserted between monsters name and brackets.

Copy and paste the code from the box at the bottom.
Do not go into edit to find the code.

Do not add the "%" Percent Sign to the percent value under resistances.

You can repeat the


portion as much as needed.

Template Code

== Information ==






== Resistances ==


Note: If you want to include a picture along with the monsters statistics, then a good place to insert the code is just above the resistances title.


General Stats Defense Offense
HP: Not Set Strength: 0 Melee: 0 Damage: 0 - 0
MP: Not Set Intelligence: 0 Range: 0 Crit: 0
Exp: Not Set Dexterity: 0 Magic: 0 Bonus: 0
Gold: Not Set Endurance: 0 Parry: 0 Boost: 0%
Level: Not Set Charisma: 0 Dodge: 0 Element: Not Set
Race: Not Set Luck: 0 Block: 0
Dragon Coins: 0
Not Set