Slime Boss

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Slime Boss


Fires Over Oaklore


Leader of the slimes army, which invaded Oaklore along with Femur.

Important text

Slime Boss: *Shlop* Humans! Surrender your keep to the slimes! *Slopk*
Femur: Ehm, and Undead.
Slime Boss: *Flurp* The day of the slimes has come! *Glorp*

The Archers attack the slimes, only to find their arrows are absorbed into the slime and do no damage!

Slime Boss: Victory is ours! Slimes ...
Femur: ... and Undead ...
Slime Boss: Attaaaaaaack!

A giant jello bomb drops on top of the slimes.

Slime Boss: *Sploop* Ruuuuuuun!!!


  • None