Sir Casm

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Sir Chasm


Oaklore, leftmost screen, outside infirmary.


Another Knight of the Pactogonal table, Sir Chasm is just soooo helpful.

Important text


Sir Vivor: Hey, watch this! We developed the fastest way to travel in the Kingdom!

Sir Casm: Ohh yeah... This is reeeeeaallly going to work.....

Sir Vivor: If it does work... maybe we can find the ancient ruins containing Sir Jing's Legendary Lightning Blade!

Sir Casm: Suuuuure we wiil. Just like the last dozen times we tried, right?

Sir Jing's Weapons

Sir Vivor: Sir Jing was once a great Knight of the Pactogonal Table...

Sir Casm: Ohh yeah... he was soooooo great.....

Sir Vivor: All of the other knights called him "Sparky" because of his special energy weapons. But they were lost long ago in the Ruins. I think that those storm elementals are guarding them but I can't get close enough. Want to try?

Explore Ruins

Sir Casm: We knights just loooovve going to the Ruins. The locals are just so friendly.

Sir Vivor: He's talking about the Vurr'Men. They are rat people who have taken over the ruins and won't let anyone close to them without attacking.

Sir Casm: We could reeeaaallly use your help in clearing some of the Vurr'Men out of the Ruins.

Sir Vivor: Actually Sir Casm, we really COULD use this hero's help.

Sir Casm: I know...that's what I said.

Sir Vivor: Ok. Sometimes it is hard to tell with you.


The pair are a portal for two quests:


Sir Jing's Weapons and The VurrMen Ruins


His name is the pun of the word "Sarcasm".