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PvP means Player versus Player, It is done using ID Numbers. All characters have one including staff members.

How do I get to the PvP Arena?

To go to the PvP arena you can currently just press the PvP button in Falconreach but when that eventually goes you go on to Travel and click on PvP.

What is the use of ID's?

ID's are used for fighting in the PvP arenas. You fight against other players. There is currently only 1 out of the 5 being made. The one that is out is called Aeris BattleSpire. Click HERE to visit the Official Construction Plans web page for the Aeris Battlespire.

Where do I find mine?

If you click on your character name in the bottom left of the screen a box will open. On the bottom right of the box you will find some text saying: 'Character ID' next to that will be your ID.

PvP Trophies

Can be used to Rank up to buy strong weapons. They are obtained by defeating 5 players fairly in PvP. By fairly it means a character that is 10 levels above, or below your current level.

Staff ID's

Weapon Only usable by the staff member 'Ghost.' (Character: 154640 - Charis)

See: Staff ID Numbers.

Player ID's

A complete list of All Characters IDs can be found here: PvP ID List

NPC's in Aeris BattleSpire



Cap'n Jack


Two other NPC's that are in the Duelist Lounge that looks different every time you enter it!



  • Join a duelist tournament

Loads a challenge that is currently just to kill 5 people.

  • Talk

You look like you're ready to rumble. GREAT! Let me just get your name and I'll announce you in the next battle!


The people come to Aeris to see a good fight so do your best, but remember, this is all just for show. No one gets hurt.


...ok, sure...people do get HURT but no one gets KILLED. Get out there and give the people what they paid for.

  • Rank Up

Shows you how many Trophy's you need to grow a rank. Also shows all ranks. Ranks listed below:

1. Novice

2. Amateur

3. Scrapper

4. Slugger

5. Brawler

6. Rumbler

7. Grinder

8. Pit Fighter

9. Duelist

10. Arena Fighter

11. Ringer

12. Savant

13. Expert

14. Professional

15. Prize Fighter

16. Contender

17. Champion Duelist

18. Elite Duelist

19. Master Duelist

20. Grand Master Duelist

  • Shop

Gives you an option of 10 shops, all shops need a certain PvP level to use. Shops listed below:

Novice Shop: Requires Rank 1

Scrapper Shop: Requires Rank 3

Brawler Shop: Requires Rank 5

Pit Fighter Shop: Requires Rank 8

Arena Fighter Shop: Requires Rank 10

Savant Shop: Requires Rank 12

Professional Shop: Requires Rank 14

Contender Shop: Requires Rank 16

Elite Shop: Requires Rank 18

Grand Master Shop: Requires Rank 20

List of Items in shop coming soon
  • Set home town

Sets your home town to Aeris BattleSpire.