Purified Bloodgem Shard

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This item is rarely available!

This item was introduced during a special event, and is only available in the game when the event/war occurs or repeats (i.e. Frostvale, Friday The 13th), or possibly never again.

The icon representing Purified Bloodgem Shard.
Purified Bloodgem Shard
Bloodgem shards have been found in the hills of Doomwood for many generations. They are placed in the Crypt to allow the holy aura to purify them. Bring these gems to the DEFENDER SHOP in FALCONREACH for a Dragon Amulet Light weapon.
Type: Resource
Level: 0
Location:Crypt of the Risen
Price:(Quest Reward)
Sellback:1 gold
Exchanged at:Defender's Shop
Reward:Rewards for collecting 10 Shards:

Base Purebeam, Base Shardknife, Base Staff of Purity

Rewards for collecting 20 Shards:
Strong Purebeam, Strong Shardknife, Strong Staff of Purity

Rewards for collecting 30 Shards:

Mighty Purebeam, Mighty Shardknife, Mighty Staff of Purity