Primal Dragons

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Elementize Your Dragon and Primal Button

What are Primal Dragons?

Primal Dragons are available when you have discovered how to imbue your Titan Dragon with the power of the Elemental Orbs.

How to Harness the Elemental Orb's Power on Your Dragon

To infuse the power of an Elemental Orb on your Titan dragon, simply click on your desired element, then on the Primal button, then confirm.

The feature is only available for DragonAmulet owners. Also, when the Elemental Orb is not available to your character (i.e. not yet found ingame, quest saga unfinished by character, or in possession of the Shadowscythe), then a textbox will appear saying that you can't become primal (element) dragon.


  • So far the only special thing about Primal Dragons are their awesome tattoos and their recently added special attacks that are situated in the same spot as trinket attacks.
  • The only Elemental orbs available at present are the Energy orb (Popsprocket quests), Darkness orb (The Necropolis quests), Light Orb (The Sandsea quests), Wind Orb (Shadow of the Wind Village/ Osprey Cove quests) and the Ultimate Orb of Bacon which is found in the current war in the Full Darkness quest. The Fire orb (from Fire War), Ice orb (Dragesvard quests) and The Water orb (fromThe Locker quests) have all been found, but are currently in Sepulchure's possession.

Nature orb is still in the process of being obtained in a future release.

Additional Images

The images showing the tattoos of the Primal Dragons.