Necromancer Klaatu

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The Final 13th Darkness Attacks Boss Fight!

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Necromancer Klaatu
Before: Can you find Klaatu before he unleashes another skeletal horror into Lore?!

After: You have defeated the necromancer, Klaatu!

Location Info
Level Required: Any
Location: Warlic in ArchKnight
Dragon Amulet Needed: Yes or Guardian
Monsters and NPCs
Monster Generation: Fixed
Monster List: Shake Spear (Scaled Level), Bone Fire (Scaled Level), Shoulder Blades (Scaled Level), Skelecaster (Scaled Level), Klaatu (Scaled Level) (Boss)
NPCs: Warlic, Klaatu, Monster
Total Experience: Scaled
Total Gold: Scaled
Equipment Won:


  • You can find a hidden Old Bag that merits you 10 bonus gold.