Live and Let Dye

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Live and Let Dye
Before: Voltabolt's dye-abolical plan has turned into a do or dye situation!

After: Phew! Everything is back to normal! AND you got a little Rummage monster as a pet!

Location Info
Level Required: Any
Location: Ash Dragonblade
Dragon Amulet Needed: No
Monsters and NPCs
Monster Generation: Fixed
Monster List: LED Kleen Masheen (Scaled Level), SprayBot (Scaled Level), Trash Kompaktor v1.0 (Scaled Level]
NPCs: Yix, Zank, Mysterious G., Dr. Voltabolt, Sneex
Total Experience: scaled
Total Gold: scaled
Equipment Won: Rummage Pet Shop





Notes: Title is a pun off of the James Bond Movie Live and Let Die