Grrol Blackclaw

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Grrol Blackclaw



He helps you in the Bear Facts quest, and shaman of the Ursice Savages.

Important text

Grrol Blackclaw: Hello (Name). I have been expecting you.

Who are you?

Grrol Blackclaw: I am Grrol Blackclaw, shaman of the Ursice Savages.
Grrol Blackclaw: I have seen visions of the future, and know that the ice queen and her army of ice elves will destroy everything in their path.
Grrol Blackclaw: I have tried to convince our leader, Huntsmaster Frrwl, of the following danger, but my people distrust magic.
Grrol Blackclaw: Joining the humans of Dragesvard might be our only hope. But tradition says that you must present a great gift to be heard.
Grrol Blackclaw: Please. You must find this gift and convince my people to join you.

A Great Gift?

Grrol Blackclaw: It is our custom to present a gift to the Huntsmaster before asking a favor.
Grrol Blackclaw: My people would be opposed to joining the humans, but they follow the huntsmaster.
Grrol Blackclaw: There is only one gift that would be great enough to be truly irresistable to my people. A pic-a-nic basket.
Grrol Blackclaw: Yes. We are bears. We cannot resist the siren call of a pic-a-nic basket. And I know where you can get one!
Grrol Blackclaw: There is a reason why I asked Galanoth to send you on this very day. A group of local frost goblins is having a pic-a-nic.
Grrol Blackclaw: You will find them on one of the neighboring ice islands which is connected to this one by ice bridges.
Grrol Blackclaw: Once you have the gift, continue down the path, and it will lead you directly to my village. The path is dangerous, but I can see your power.
Grrol Blackclaw: Help us, (name). You are our only hope.


  • Heal