Glacialis Orbis

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This item is rarely available!

This item was introduced during a special event, and is only available in the game when the event/war occurs or repeats (i.e. Frostvale, Friday The 13th), or possibly never again.

Glacialis Orbis
This cold white band appears to be of elfin make, exquisitely carven, and engraved with runes dedicated to the frozen north. This item requiers a Dragon Amulet.
Level Required: 44
Equipment Type: Ring
Location: Dragesvard Havoc
Price:Quest Reward
Sellback:130 Gold
Equip Spot:Finger
Dragon Amulet Needed:Yes


Bonus: +2

STR: +3

DEX: +3

INT: +3

END: +5

Melee Def: +3

Magic Def: +3

Crit: +4

Dodge: +1