Artix's PvP Axe

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His Axe
The Icon representing Artix's PvP Axe
Artix's PvP Axe
Only Artix has this weapon, which he wields in PvP
Level Required: N/A
Equipment Type: Axe
Damage: 700 - 1000000
DPT: 500350
Damage Type: Melee, Metal
Rarity: N/A
Location: PvP
Price: Unreachable (only Artix can use it)
Sellback: Can not be sold
Category: Weapon
Equip Spot: Weapon
Dragon Amulet Needed: N/A
Notes: This weapon is only attainable by staff members. It does extreme damage in PvP, unknown damage in battles (due to damage cap).


Stone: +1

Wind: +1

Bacon: +1

Fire: +1

Light: +1

Darkness: +1