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*[[Template:Release Log/archive/2009|2009]]
*[[Template:Release Log/archive/2009|2009]]
*[[Template:Release Log/archive/2008|2008]]
*[[Template:Release Log/archive/2008|2008]]
*[[Template:Release Log/archive/2007]]
'''December 24th, 2007'''
*[[DeathKnight|DeathKnight Armor Test]]
'''December 21th, 2007'''
*[[Frostval_War_Battle#Cutscene_2|Frostval War - Cutscene 2]]
'''December 14th, 2007'''
*[[Jewel of the Four Winds]]
*[[Honda's Accord]]
'''December 5th, 2007'''
*[[Something Fishy]]
*[[Red Betty's Spell]]
*[[Walk Through Fire]]
*[[Return the Scrolls]]
'''November 21st, 2007'''
*[[Thankstaking War!]]
'''November 16th, 2007'''
*[[Yulgar's Forge]]

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