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*[[Template:Release Log/archive/2010|2010]]
*[[Template:Release Log/archive/2010|2010]]
*[[Template:Release Log/archive/2009|2009]]
*[[Template:Release Log/archive/2009|2009]]
*[[Template:Release Log/archive/2008|2008]]
'''December 24, 2008'''
*[[Oh Hole-y Togicide!]]
'''December 19, 2008'''
*[[Frostvale]] 2008
*[[Frost_Moglin_Armor|The Holiday Frost Moglin Armor]]
'''December 12, 2008'''
*New housing items in [[Ikea's House Items]]
*[[Potion Mastery]] Quest from [[Nythera]]
*[[There's No Place Like Oaklore]] Quest from [[Sir Ano]]
*TITAN FIGHT for [[Dragesvard]] ([[Olaf's Party]])
'''December 5, 2008'''
*Larger houses and new housing items
*[[Dragesvard Under Siege]]: '''[[Gary (Boss Fight)|Boss Fight!]]'''
*[[Dragonslayer]] Armor LIVE! (Not in the [[Armor Closet]] yet)
*[[Tipping the Scales]]
*New [[Dragesvard]] Quests!
'''Dec 2, 2008'''
*New Level 31 and Level 35 Rings and Necklaces at [[Defender's Shop]]
'''Nov 27, 2008'''
*The Next Quest in the [[Oaklore]] Chain - [[Major Mayhem]]
*Armor Saving in the [[Armor Closet]]
*[[Pumpkin Lord|Evolved Pumpkin Lord Armor]] added to Armor Closet
*Armor Saving in the [[Orb of Saving]]-Non-DC Item which will save armors for a large amount of gold
*[[Thankstaking '08|Thanksgiving event!]]
*[[Zorbak]]'s new quest at Amityvale - [[Undead Dravir!]]
'''Nov 21, 2008'''
*New [[Oaklore]] quest chain
*New quest from [[Ash Dragonblade|Ash]]: [[Dragonsfall]]
'''Nov 19, 2008'''
*Autumn Background applied to [[Falconreach]]
'''Nov 17, 2008'''
* New [[Ballyhoo]] Magic Chest
'''Nov 14, 2008'''
*[[Dragesvard Under Siege|Ice Dragon War!]]
*DA Only Quest with [[Face Frostscythe|Frostscythe]]
'''Nov 07, 2008'''
*[[The Chef]], [[The Dishwasher]], [[The Event Planner]], [[The Waiter]], and [[The Mastermind]] quests at [[Lady Celestia]]!
*[[The Snow Fields]]
*[[Dragonslayer]] Class - DA Testing
*End of [[Mogloween]]
'''Oct 31, 2008'''
*[[Long In The Tooth]] in Dragesvard!
*[[Nooby Nooby Noob]]
'''Oct 24, 2008'''
*[[Mogloween]] 2008
'''Oct 17, 2008'''
*[[The Lymcrest Labyrinth]] Levels 16-20
*[[Mogloween]] Intro
*[[The Pit]]
'''Oct 10, 2008'''
*The next quest in the [[Dragesvard]] chain - [[Bear Facts]]
*Thursday's newest quest - [[The Crypt]]
'''Oct 03, 2008'''
*[[The Founder's Gauntlet]]
*Re-release of Level 11 [[The Lymcrest Labyrinth]] - [[Togicide]].
*[[It's Elementary!]]
'''Sept 26, 2008'''
*[[The Quest Log]]!
*9 New weapons in [[The Killguin Arena|The Killguin Arena!]]-[[Dragesvard]]
*3 New capes in [[Baby Steps]]-[[Sunbreeze Grove]]
'''Sept 19, 2008'''
*New items in [[Ikea's House Items]]!
*6 New Weapons in [[Rare Weapons]]
*6 New Helms in [[Helms and Capes]]
*New DragonCoin Package: 20.000
*End of the [[Monkee War!]]
'''Sept 12, 2008'''
*Gold Bonus Weekend
*New quests: [[Not So Great Escape]] and [[It's Not Fair!]]
*[[Shadow Armor]]
'''Sept 5, 2008'''
*[[Galanoth|Galanoth's]] new quest: [[Gary]]
*[[Fire Elemental of Doom (Scaled Level)|New side-boss]] in the [[The Lymcrest Labyrinth]]
'''Sept 1, 2008'''
*[[Monkee War Show Down]] - '''Mae Pi Boss Fight!'''
'''Aug 27, 2008'''
*[[Nythera|Nythera’s]] First Quest - [[Stocking the Shelves]]
*[[Amulet Weapon Shop]]
'''Aug 22th, 2008'''
*Level Cap Raised to 50
*New Weapons in [[Cysero's Superstore of Savings]]
*[[Un-BEAR-Able Cold]]
'''Aug 15th, 2008'''
*[[A Cold Reception]]
*[[Flight Training]]
'''Aug 8th, 2008'''
*[[The Long Walk]]
'''Aug 1st, 2008'''
*Pirate Vs Ninja: [[Monkee War!]]
:[[Pirate Monkee War]]
:[[Ninja Monkee War]]
*[[Ikea's House Items]]
*[[Galanoth]]'s Random Quests
'''July 25th, 2008'''
*[[Water You Doing]]
'''July 18th, 2008'''
*[[Bad Bananas]]
*[[Scavenger Hunt Shop]]
*[[Galanoth]] Returns!
'''July 11th, 2008'''
*[[House Shop]] (DA Only)
*[[The Gift]]
'''July 4th, 2008'''
*[[Holiday Shop!]] - Independence Day weekend only!
*The [[Sho'Nuff Inn]] and [[Ninja Inn]] opened.
*[[Necromancer|Necromancer Armor]] and [[DeathKnight|DeathKnight Armor]] released.
*[[Monkee Business| New quest]] at the [[Ninja Inn]]
*[[Ballyhoo]]'s Magic Chest has been updated.
'''June 28th, 2008'''
*[[Purify]] your [[Doom Weapons]]
*[[Shop of Destiny]]
*[[Necromancer]] Armor testing
*Two [[Necromancer]] Items in [[Helms and Capes]].
'''June 27th, 2008'''
*[[Yulgar's Forge|Doom Weapon Upgrades]]
'''June 25th, 2008'''
*[[Necropolis: Last Stand]] - Boss Battle
*[[Extra Credit]] - Titan Battle!
'''June 18th, 2008'''
*[[Ballyhoo]] Returns
'''June 13th, 2008'''
*New Pet in [[Rare Pets]] [[Scary Doll (Level 8)|
(Scary Doll)]]
*[[Toys 'R Dangerous]]
*[[Assault on the Necropolis]]
*Upgrades for The [[Cloak of Doom (Level 5)|Cloak of Doom]]
'''June 10th, 2008'''
*[[Dragonlord|Custom and Evolved Dragonlord Armor]] - See [[Lady Celestia]]
'''June 9th, 2008'''
*'''Happy Birthday to DragonFable!'''
*DragonEgg's Hatching 1st Birthday
'''June 7th, 2008'''
*Last [[Guardian]] Skill
*[[Rare Weapons]] - Six New Weapons
*New 2 Helms
'''May 30rd, 2008'''
*[[Artix Vs. The Undead]]
*[[Paladin]] Class
'''May 23rd, 2008'''
*[[Memorial Day Shop]]
*[[The Green Mist]]
'''May 16th, 2008'''
*[[Too Many Cooks]]
'''May 9th, 2008'''
*[[The Body Shop]]
*[[Idol Hands]]
'''May 7th, 2008'''
*[[Ballyhoo]] Returns!
'''May 4th, 2008'''
*[[The Lymcrest Labyrinth]] (Level 11)
'''May 2nd, 2008'''
*[[The T.A.'s Challenge]]
*[[Rare Weapons]] - Nine New Weapons
*[[Oasis Inn]] Opens
*[[The Falconreach Bank]] (New Feature!)
'''April, 25th, 2008'''
*[[Paladin]] Class Test!
*[[The Gate Keeper]]!
'''April 23rd, 2008'''
*[[DeathKnight|DeathKnight Armor Testing]] - Phase Two!
'''April 17th, 2008'''
*[[The Necropolis]]
*[[The Outcast]]
*[[Lady Vayle]]
*[[Moonridge: Saved!]]
'''April 11th, 2008'''
*[[The Lymcrest Labyrinth]] (Level 6)
'''April 7th, 2008'''
*[[Dr. Voltabolt]] Updates!
'''April 6th, 2008'''
*[[The Necromantress (Quest)]] '''Boss Fight'''
'''April 4th, 2008'''
*[[Battle for Moonridge!]]
*[[Bombing Run]]
*[[Mysterious Weekend Shop]] returns!
'''April 1st, 2008'''
*[[April Shop]]
'''March 29th, 2008'''
*[[Mysterious Weekend Shop]]
'''March 28th, 2008'''
*[[Douglas Digg]]
*[[The Lymcrest Labyrinth]]!
'''March 25th, 2008'''
*[[Death From Below]]
'''March 21th, 2008'''
*[[Sek-Duat Lives Again]]
*[[Sandsea War]]
'''March 14th, 2008'''
'''March 7th, 2008'''
*[[Fires Over Oaklore]]
*[[The Traitor]]
'''February 29th, 2008'''
*[[Gold Fever!]]
'''February 23rd, 2008'''
*[[The Sandwitch]]
'''February 15th, 2008'''
*[[Hero's Heart Day]]
*[[Ranger|Ranger Class]]
'''February 8th, 2008'''
*[[Ranger|Ranger Class Testing]]
*[[Damien's Draft]]
'''February 1st, 2008'''
*[[The Oasis Inn]]
*[[The Dynasty Tomb]]
'''January 25th, 2008'''
*[[The Hard Way]]
*[[The Blue Lotus]]
'''January 18th, 2008'''
*[[The_Sandsea|The Sandsea]]
'''January 12th, 2008'''
'''January 4th, 2008'''
*[[Sepulchure (Quest)|Sepulchure - Boss Fight]]
'''December 24th, 2007'''
'''December 24th, 2007'''

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