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<!--Everything is planned to be developed into different archives by year.-->
<!--Everything is planned to be developed into different archives by year.-->
*[[Template:Release Log/archive/2010|2010]]
*[[Template:Release Log/archive/2010|2010]]
*[[Template:Release Log/archive/2009|2009]]
'''December 25th, 2009'''
*[[Frostvale (Act 9)]]'''
''DragonLords, you can get the improved version of your base armor in '''[[Dragonsgrasp]]'''!<br>
[[DragonWarrior]], [[DragonMage]] and [[DragonRogue]] are available!!!''
'''December 23rd, 2009'''
''DragonWarrior, DragonMage and DragonRogue will show up next to the Falconreach Inn.''
*[[We're Gonna Need More Fire…|Frostvale (Act 8)]]
'''December 19th, 2009'''
*[[In the Mountains…|Frostvale (Act 7)]]
*[[Ravenloss]] (under construction)
'''December 12th, 2009'''
'''It's Frostvale!'''
*[[There's Something About Twilly...|Prologue]]
*[[Seeking Queen]]- Zorbak's Next Quest
'''''Notes:''''' Sorry we (people) are just too lazy to supplement the rest ;)
:The Quests from 24th October - 12th December will not be here, and therefore, page not created.
'''October 24th, 2009'''
'''Zorbaks Quest Chain continues'''
*[[Zorbak's Legion]]
New Quest: [[Appetite For Destruction]]
'''WAR AT SEE!!!'''
Come back to [[War At See]]!<br>
In the town hall of Falconreach
Isrismancer has a shop that you can purchase his helms (Not rare)<br>
'''October 17th, 2009'''
'''[[Wanderland]] Finale'''
*[[Queen of Tarts]]
**Versus the [[Queen of Tarts (Monster)]]
*Gourds Disapperance
*New Quest:[[As the Cauldron Boils]]
'''October 10th, 2009'''
*Hunt for Gourds: [[Small Twisted Gourd]], [[The Black Gourd]], [[The Great Gourd]]
**Gourds can be bought from [[Cysero]]
***Item hunt in quests
****Items maybe given back to the [[Cauldron Sisters]] for helmet rewards
'''October 3rd, 2009'''
ArchKnight Quest
*[[Heading North]]
'''October 1st, 2009'''
'''[[sales fairy]]'''
*New Stylish wings made by [[Tomix]]
**New Necklaces and rings
'''September 25th, 2009'''
'''[[Lims shop]]'''
*New weapons for a lot of gold
*New quest:
[[Mad Haberdasher]]
'''September 19th, 2009'''
Wanderland quest- [[Questions]]
Fire war
**[[Dragon store]]
Talk like a pirate day!
*[[Talk like a pirate day shop!]]
'''September 12th, 2009'''
[[This week's release]]
*New Pet quest from [[Grams]]: [[Lost Pets]]
''DA Only''
*Only available on the month your birthday at:
**[[Birthday Shop]] at the end of the quest
**New Weapons that are color customizable purchaseable from the shop
'''September 5th, 2009'''
''[[This weeks release]]''
*[[Final Battle!]] (the final battle with [[Drakonnan]])
*[[The Vanilla Ice Katana]]
'''September 4th, 2009'''
*4 new upgrades available for Dragon Amulet holders, allowing them to eventually wear the [[DoomKnight Armor]]!
'''August 28, 2009'''
Next quest in the Fire War chain:
*[[Xan has a plan]]
Guardian Trainer quest:
*[[Gryphon Training]]
*Drop new [[poison]] weapons
'''August 22,2009'''
New Quest from Valencia
*Race Around Lore
Fire War
*[[Attack on Drakonnan]]
**New [[Evil]] weapon drop from the new quest
'''August 15,2009'''
[[Fire war]]
*Saving [[Battleon]]
*Ice Katana comes out when war counter reaches 20%
*[[Dragonlord's defense]]
Colourless Finale
*Last quest-[[Live and Let Dye]]
'''August 7,2009'''
Next quest in the Fire War chain:
*[[Eastern Hills]]
Second quests in the Colorless chain
*[[Dye Another Day]]
*See [[Captain Rolith]] in [[Falconreach]] for more information.
'''August 4,2009'''
*[[Shorts]] (sponsor thing)
'''August 2,2009'''
Fire war next quest
New quest chain-[[colourless]]
[[Never Say Dye]]
'''July 24,2009'''
Fire war next quest
*[[Packing up]]
'''July 20,2009'''
*[[Melt Face mode]] for battling Akriloth
'''July 20,2009'''
**[[Fire Attack]] Dragon Quest
***[[Akriloth]] Battle with new invite by ID#
*[[Frozen Claymore]] comes out this weekend only!
*[[ChaosMoon set]] with 2 capes,2 helms and non-DA weapons
*Next Quest in [[Wanderland]], [[A Strange Feeling]]
'''July 11, 2009'''
*[[Ash Dragonblade]]
*[[Fire War]] quest chain
**[[Fire Attack]]
**Elemental Attacks!
'''July 2, 2009'''
**[[The Ultimate Weapon]] (Minigame Quest)
**Popsprocket House Shops:
***[[Lowe Gold]]
***[[Lowe DC]]
**[[Fourth of July Shop]]
**[[Summer Housing]]
'''June 27, 2009'''
*Popsprocket Titan Fight:
**[[The City Fights Back!]]
*Penpal Quest (Finale?)
**: [[Gnomenapped?!]] 
'''June 19, 2009'''
*Technomancer: Full skills testing for DragonLords!
*End of the Popsprocket war!
*We won the war!
*[[To the Orb!]]
*[[Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad, Gnome?]]
*Konnan's third quest:
**[[Lair of the Guardian]]
*[[Father's Day Shop]]
'''June 12, 2009'''
*[[Technomancer]] testing for DragonLords!
*Secret attack ready!
*Konnan second quest:
**[[The Search]]
'''June 10, 2009'''
*Happy Birthday DragonFable!
*Baby Dragons can be turned into Toddler Dragons for a fee of 10K by [[Lady Celestia]]!
'''June 6, 2009'''
**[[Popsprocket at War]]
*Konnan first quest:
**[[A Plea for Help]]
'''May 29, 2009'''
**[[Ex Machina]]
**[[Slushroom Princess]]
**New dock: Amityvale!
*[[Evolved ChickenCow Armor]]!
'''May 22, 2009'''
Bonus Gold and XP Weekend! 10% extra!
*New Popsprocket Quest:
**[[Rolith's Solution]]
*Archknight continues:
**[[Ash vs. the Volcano]]
**[[Bandit Trap]]
*Weekend shop!
**[[Memorial Day '09]]
'''May 15, 2009'''
*THE END of Zeuster chain Quests:
**[[The Secret Revealed]]
**[[Grrberus' Revenge]]
*New PenPal Quest:
**[[Surewould Ranger]]
'''May 9,2009'''
*Popsprocket random quests:
*[[Gryphons Gone Wild!]]
*[[Ground to a Halt]]
*[[Nuts and Bolts]]
Archknight continues:
*[[The Yaga Sisters]]
Weekend shop:
*[[Mother's Day Shop]]
'''May 2,2009'''
*Finale of Zeuster chain:[[Garden of Good and Ebil]] and a special cutscene quest:[[Inside the Garden]]
*Archknight continued! Featuring YOU in [[Basilisk Cave]]
Many accesories 'tweaked'
'''April 24,2009'''
*New Zeuster Quest: [[Triple Threat?]]
*New Pen Pals Quest: [[Another Floating City]]
*New [[Popsprocket]] Quest: [[Sitcom]]
*3 new pet's in for Dragoncoins from Cysero
'''April 17,2009'''
*Bacon Orgin new quest: [[Queen of the Jungle]]
*[[Easter Eggs hatching]]
*New Quest [[Necromancer Klaatu]] in Arch Knight Chain Story
'''April 14,2009'''
*Easter Egg Hunt is Over
'''April 11,2009'''
*[[Treasure Hunt Eggs]]
*Treasure Egg shop
*New Quest in [[Popsrocket]]
'''April 3, 2009'''
*New Quest: [[Necromancer Nicto]] in Arch Knight Chain Story
*[[Dragesvard Inn]] and [[Popsprocket Inn]] are opened
*[[Trader's Bazaar]] is opened (The Sandsea helm shop)
*A new minigame : [[Fishing]] and with the game also a new armor: [[Angler]]
'''April 1, 2009'''
*[[Motley Holiday Shop]]
*A new "look" for [[Falconreach]]
'''March 28, 2009'''
*[[Ash Dragonblade]] Becomes An [[Arch Knight]]
*New bacon quest:[[Don't have a kow]]
'''March 22, 2009'''
*Three New Destiny Weapons:
**[[Brilliant Blinding Light of Destiny]]
**[[Brilliant DragonStaff of Destiny]]
**[[Brilliant Twin Blades of Destiny]]
'''March 21, 2009'''
*[[Heartless Shop]]
*Boss Fight: [[A Ghoulish Mistake]]
'''March 20, 2009'''
*[[Forge Frenzy]]
'''March 17, 2009'''
*[[St. Patrick's Day]]
'''March 13, 2009'''
*[[Unlucky Waves]]
'''March 6, 2009 '''
*New Pen Pal Saga Quest:[[A New Penpal?]]
*New Zeuster Chain Quest:[[No Horsing Around]]
*New Yix's Quest:[[Richard's Gear]]
*The [[Gnomish Personal Steamtank]]
*[[Valencia's Shop]]
'''February 27, 2009'''
*[[Gnix's Weapon Shop]] is now open!
*New quest from [[Yix]]: [[Popguns]]
*New quets from [[Zapp]]: [[Investigate]]
*New Zeuster Chain Quest: [[(Mino)torture]]
'''February 20, 2009'''
*New town:[[Popsprocket]]!  (Also a new '[[Travel To:]]' location)
*New quests in Propsrocket: [[Pipe Dreams]], [[Pen Pals]]
*New Zeuster Chain Quest: [[Outnumbered]]
*12 New weapons and 1 new wings from [[Hydra Souvenirs]] Shop
*New Togicide Quest - [[Abominations Abound]]
'''February 17 2009'''
*[[The Final Showdown]] becomes a static quest
(no more rares - only elemental essence)
'''February 14,2009'''
*[[Hero's Heart Day]]
*New Quest from [[Valencia]]:[[Heart of Gold]]
'''February 6, 2009'''
*Southern Falconreach now accesible
*New quest from [[Valencia]]: [[It's a Wash!]]
'''January 29, 2009'''
*New quest from [[Valencia]]:[[Purebred Protests]]
*[[The Final Showdown]]!
*The Storm background removed from Falconreach
*Trinkets now provide new skill. (New move on top of the last move)
'''January 23, 2009'''
*The Avatars Arrive!
**[[Diplomatic Mission]]
*Note: '''We LOST the war!'''
*New quest from Valencia: [[He's(a) Lyin']]
*[[Elemental War Shop]]
'''January 22, 2009'''
*[[The Funeral]] - special cutscene
*AEXtras implemented on DF. See AE Forums for details. Discuss on the Talk Page.
'''January 16, 2009'''
*[[Elemental War]]
**[[Elemental Camp]]
**[[Elemental Farm]]
**[[Bomb The Elementals!]]
**[[Fire Titan!]]
**[[Earth Titan!]]
**[[Energy Titan!]]
**[[Ice Titan!]]
**[[Wind Titan!]]
**[[Water Titan!]]
*New quest From Valencia [[Bringing Home the Bacon]]
'''January 9, 2009'''
*Nythera's final quest - [[The Storm]]
'''January 2, 2009'''
*[[Sir Ano]]'s Final Quest - [[Victoria's Secret]]
*New Shops at [[Aeris Battlespire]]
'''January 1, 2009'''
*Midnight Release Live!
*[[Dragonlord New Year's Shop]]
*[[New Frostval Houses|Frostval Houses]]
'''December 24, 2008'''
'''December 24, 2008'''

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