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Use for towns or areas which contain shops, quests, NPCs, etc.



What you should put in each space:

|Desc=             In-game description
|Level=            Level required, if none required automatically defaults to 1
|Location=         Basic Area, if not a spoiler       
|NeedDA=           Is a Dragon Amulet needed? (Yes/No)
|Shops=            What Shops there are in this Meta-Area
|MonstList=        Levels and types of monsters appearing in the area
|NPCs=             Any NPCs in the Meta-Area (defaults to none
|Quests=           What Quests/Battle Areas are in the Meta-Area


|Desc= Sky
|Location=North of Town
|Quests= Sky is the Limmit,  Harry's Club

Results in:

Location Info
Level Required: 50
Location: North of Town
Dragon Amulet Needed: No
Shops and NPCs
Shops: None
NPCs: Kally
Quests/Battles Areas: Sky is the Limmit, Harry's Club