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*[[Ayane's Masks]]
*[[Ayane's Masks]]
*[[Snake Ear's Pets]]
*[[Snake Ear's Pets]]
|NPCs= [[Thyton]], [[Jubei]], [[SnakeEars]]
|NPCs= [[Thyton]], [[Jubei]], [[SnakeEars]], [[Pi Mae]]
|Quests= '''
|Quests= '''
'''Thyton's Random Quests:'''
'''Thyton's Random Quests:'''

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The town of the Ninjas
The Sign

Shadow of the Wind Village
The place where Ninjas live.
Location Info
Level Required: any
Location: Travel To:
Dragon Amulet Needed: No
Shops and NPCs
NPCs: Thyton, Jubei, SnakeEars, Pi Mae
Quests/Battles Areas:

Thyton's Random Quests:


  • This city was launched Friday, Oct. 12, 2007.
  • Run of the Kessel! has been released on Friday, Nov. 09, 2007.
  • The Hunt Begins! has been released on Friday, Nov. 30 , 2007.
  • The last four quests have been released during Thankstaking and Frostval War, respectively.