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A Notice for Anyone Browsing DF Wiki

It's been a while, but the Wiki has been almost completely (if not completely) cleared of all of the vandalism it had accumulated. This is a major stepping stone in the revitalization of DF Wiki, and we've passed it. However, we've still got a long road ahead of us. The next step in the process is to update every page with accurate images and information.

A Wiki is nothing without its user base, and we've got a pretty good one right now.
I would, however, like to expand it.

So, if you're reading this right now and haven't registered an account, please go do so. Whether you become an active contributor or just make one or two edits doesn't matter. As long as you help out, you are appreciated. I wish you luck... and from all of us here at DF Wiki:

Thank you.
Doctor DA.png The Doctor & My Talk
20:38, 12 March 2011 (UTC)

Welcome to the DragonFable Wiki, a wiki for Artix Entertainment's Flash Based Web RPG - DragonFable.

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Release Log

For older updates, see the archive.

Coming Soon
  • Togslayer Armor

Happening Now
April 13, 2012
Friday the 13th: Rising Fire
February 14, 2012
Hero's Heart Day

You may also view the full Release Log.

  • Farming Gold
    Trying to save up for that expensive doom weapon? Read this guide for the best methods to earn some gold.
  • Best of the Best
    Listing of the best armor and best weapons by DPT, Element and Level.
  • Training Statistics
    What statistics do, how to train them, which stats to train.
  • Minigame Guide
    All you need to know about those mini-games!
  • Glossary
    Have no idea what DOT is? Check here for commonly used terms!

Game Information
We currently have 5,826 articles.
  • Register - If you want to help us to improve and make this wiki better and better.
  • To Do List - This is a listing of things that need to be done, such as pages that need to be updated, items that are missing information and/or images etc..
  • Suggestions - What is it that you the reader of the wiki want to see? Please post your suggestions here!