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{{Release Log}}
{{Release Log}}

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Welcome to the DragonFable Wiki, a wiki for Artix Entertainment's Flash Based Web RPG - DragonFable.

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Release Log

For older updates, see the archive.

Coming Soon
  • Togslayer Armor

Happening Now
April 13, 2012
Friday the 13th: Rising Fire
February 14, 2012
Hero's Heart Day

You may also view the full Release Log.

  • Farming Gold
    Trying to save up for that expensive doom weapon? Read this guide for the best methods to earn some gold.
  • Best of the Best
    Listing of the best armor and best weapons by DPT, Element and Level.
  • Training Statistics
    What statistics do, how to train them, which stats to train.
  • Minigame Guide
    All you need to know about those mini-games!
  • Glossary
    Have no idea what DOT is? Check here for commonly used terms!

Game Information
We currently have 5,826 articles.
  • Register - If you want to help us to improve and make this wiki better and better.
  • To Do List - This is a listing of things that need to be done, such as pages that need to be updated, items that are missing information and/or images etc..
  • Suggestions - What is it that you the reader of the wiki want to see? Please post your suggestions here!