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This is a guide that helps any and all players of DragonFable with gaining fast experience.

Introduction to Experience Farming

What is farming?

Farming in video game terms means to do a quest or challenge over and over again to get a lot of a specific material, like Azite Ore, or values, like experience. In this guide, we'll be focusing on experience.

When you see the abbreviation EXP, it stands for experience.

Just a note: Please don't come here looking for easy ways to get gold fast. There is already a guide for that: Farming Gold - The Best Quests.

How To Do It

This section deals with preparedness and getting ready to farm!


Weapons are important in using as little time as possible, to get through battles quicker and get more EXP in one sitting.

One thing you MUST try to find out is if the quest's monsters are based around a certain element. For example, all quests in Amityvale, except for the Pit and the Crystal Clear Lake, have darkness monsters. If you can find that out, then you already know what element weapon to use! If you can't, or if the monsters don't have a weakness (including some of the monsters in The Pit) then just use your best weapon!

Luckily, if you know what element weapon you need, you don't have to search through every weapon in the 'Pedia. Go to the guide Best Weapons for your Level and Class to find out the best weapon for your......level and class. DA-only weapons, rare weapons, and DC weapons are also in the guide.


For farming, I have found in my experience that it is very, VERY against you and very unhelpful to have a pet with you when farming. I will not explain any further with pets and dragons, as they really don't help with farming. However, what I will say is that, if you want to take on one of the Titan quests, you really should train your Titan dragon for every single skill, except of course the Trinket skill at the end. Having every skill on your Titan dragon will greatly help your chances of winning Titan fights as you'll be able to use more strategies and you'll have a big chance on winning.

Misc. Items

Miscellaneous items are items that don't mean too much. In DragonFable, miscellaneous (misc.) items are necklaces, helms, rings, belts, capes/wings, and trinkets. These items will not attack for you (except trinkets, they just unlock a new skill spot), but they increase, or in some cases, DECREASE, your attack power and other stat bonuses, including charisma, luck, and endurance. Time for a tutorial!

  • Strength: Affects Melee damage. (STR)
  • Intellect: Affects Magic damage. (INT)
  • Dexterity: Affects Pierce damage. (DEX)
  • Endurance: Increases your hit points by 5 points per stat point. (END)
  • Wisdom: Increases your mana points by 5 points per stat point. (WIS)
  • Charisma: Affects rolls on Grams's pet quests (Falconreach). Affects pet damage. Affects the chance of a baby dragon special. (CHA)
  • Luck: Affects all rolls in a small way. Affects the chance of a baby dragon special. (LUK)

For Accessories in DragonFable, see the following guides:

Try to get items that have as much stat bonuses at possible, and the least amount of negative bonuses. It's also a good idea to go to the DragonFable Equipment Comparison forum to get items compared.


Now, even though pets and dragons aren't so hot with farming, guests can be viewed either way. So, I've decided to include them in here.

Artix is an extremely awesome guest. His 4-hit attack and his only skill, Holy, are what make Artix popular in DF as a guest. However, 50% of the time (except for the skill) Artix does a 1-hit attack, which stinks. But he is still a good guest! There is also a trick to getting Artix as your friend in both friend slots! Yes, you can battle with twin Artixes! Go to Amityvale or the Necropolis and invite Artix as your friend B. Go to Amityvale and do the quest "Well, Well, Well." At the end, after you talk to Artix, there will be an Artix in both slots! Make sure to NOT click the EXP bar while talking to him. It's not a good idea to use either Artix's Holy Attack in the well. You should save it for when you truly need it. There really aren't any other good guests, so it's a good idea to stick with Artix. Rolith is another good one ( DA only ) as he does 4 - 6 high damage attacks. Aegis is also a good guest,with his standard attack being three strong ice attacks. His abilites are also good, but you can only use him if you're using the Soulweaver class.


Time in each quest in the guide will be reflective on dialogues, monsters, boss monsters, and titan monsters (if any). It's a good idea to use a quest that has little time consumption and good experience rewards. Of course, depending on your items, the monsters may or may not be quick to go through. The description of time mentioned for each quest is just a general idea for each player.

Where To Go

Now for the big part of the guide; the quests themselves. These quests have been suggested by others and tried by myself. They're in alphabetical order, but if you want to quickly find one, you can go to the Table of Contents.


DA This quest is only accessible by Dragon Amulet holders.
Titan This quest is accessible by all players but has a Titan battle at the end.
DA + Titan This quest is only accessible by Dragon Amulet holders and has a Titan battle at the end.

Olaf's party

DA + Titan


  • Dialogue: moderately long
  • Monsters: None
  • Boss Monster: dont need much of a strategy to defeat if your element is fire due to the 50% weakness


  • give very good exp
  • fast battle
  • 50% weakness to fire which can be boosted to 70% with bite.

Belly Of The Beast

This is a random quest given by (Captain) Rhubarb that gives, in my opinion, better EXP than the Vurr'men Ruins! Also, the gold rewards are fairly good. This quest will be strangely familiar...you'll know EXACTLY what it's from when you see the hand of a puppet in the corner of the whale's mouth... Most of the monsters will be weak to fire, poison, or energy.


  • Dialogues: Barely any.
  • Monsters: Barely a challenge.
  • Boss Monster: Will take a few rounds.


  • You can get a junk item drop that sells for good gold.
  • Same EXP value, if not better, than "The Vurr'men Ruins".
  • The above is a LIE. I have timed the following and "The Vurr'men Ruins" quests. The Belly Of The Beast quest takes 5x longer then The Vurr'men Ruins quest with the SAME exp amount. added by charizard13579

What To Watch Out For

  • The Big Fat Whale Tongue does NOT have weakness to fire. Its only weakness is to Poison.

The Crystal Shard

Who knew that a quest as old and basic as this was so unbalanced with EXP gain!? The suggestor of this quest claimed to have received "156150 EXP per hour!" This is definitely one of the best options there are out there for EXP farming. Every monster is weak to Wind weapons.


  • Dialogues: Long but avoidable.
  • Monsters: Pretty long. Each might take about 1-3 hits though.
  • Boss Monsters: The two boss monsters might take at least six rounds.


  • Wind weapons do double damage on all enemies!
  • A pretty good attack like the Final Strike for Warriors can kill most enemies in one hit.
  • There is a healing spot in the quest.
  • This quest takes under 2.5 minutes


  • There is the normal lag around Warlic's area.
  • Walking can be a burden in this quest.


  • Equip a very good wind weapon, this is a MUST.
  • If you're using a base class (Warrior, Mage, Rogue, Shadow Versions), you should be around Level 18 for that final skill.
  • With Necromancer, a good wind weapon, and just spamming Final Blow, It's a breeze and 4x as fast xp as any other quest.

What To Watch Out For

  • A fork in the path leads 2 seperate ways. One is the advancing of the quest, the other is just a passage with ONE extra monster. I advise against using that pass to save time.
  • If you have run through this quest once, there is a Skip button for the first cutscene, I advise using that to skip the dialogue.
  • After you finish the quest, destroy the Crystal Shard in your temporary inventory to avoid the cutscene at the end with Warlic.

Dr. Voltabolt's Challenge (You need more iron in your diet)

Terrific place for EXP! Always go for the Extreme mode on the monsters; the extra time is worth it!


  • Dialogues: None
  • Monsters: None
  • Boss Monster: With a good weapon, this guy will just take a few rounds.


  • Lower leveled players can earn a pet doing this quest multiple times.
  • This quest drops Battle Cores, which can be sold for 500 gold each!


  • Doing the Extreme mode does take a little longer.


  • Equip a good energy weapon. If energy is not accessible, use water. If water isn't accessible either, any other element is okay.

Extra Credit

DA + Titan

ALL OF THOSE NECROPOLIS QUESTS! After doing Artix's chores, you have one last deed to complete: take out an 'extra credit' assignment Noxus gave to his students before being defeated.


  • Dialogue: Quick.
  • Monsters: None
  • Boss Monster: You need a strategy to kill this giant skeleton. It may take you a while; at least 10 rounds, maybe around 20-30.


  • A couple of good helms come from here.
  • Another quest with REALLY Special Dragon Chow.


  • You might get no rewards.
  • If you choose to do the top Doom Crawler then you may die(even with doomknight).


  • Equip your dragon with Light.
  • Do not go into the Extreme mode, it's not very helpful with experience.
  • Imposable Doom Crawler can be beaten with Doomknight with proper strategy.

Final Battle!


The end of the Great Fire War Saga, actually turns out to be a great EXP farming quest! This is due to the number of enemies in Drakonnan's Lair, but it's not that bad. I do despise those Fire Rays though...*shudder* The high-level drops, as well as Drakonnan's Armored Helm, do sell pretty good! However, you might want to keep Drakonnan's Armored Helm! In my opinion? Best non-DC helm in the game! Other than that, of course, the Vanilla Ice Katana, who's to argue, would be one of the top ice weapons in the game. And don't forget, good gold rewards too!


  • Dialogue: Pretty long as far as dialogues go. There are quite a number of these.
  • Monsters: These might take from 3-6 rounds. Make sure to get an ice weapon.
  • Boss Monster: Drakonnan has multiple attacks that will greatly reduce your chance of winning; could take at least 15 rounds.
  • Titan Monster: I strongly advise against fighting Titan Drakonnan. It definitely takes a long time.


  • Drops one of THE greatest helms in the game, Drakonnan's Armored Helm!
  • Drops probably the greatest ice weapon in the game, Vanilla Ice Katana!
  • Great EXP rewards, even if you don't take the right side of the quest!
  • Great gold rewards as well!
  • Awesome battle music to help you farm!
  • Great boss battle with Drakonnan at the end!


  • The background music may cause lag on some people's computers.
  • You NEED a good strategy for defeating Drakonnan. He can make you have -100 Fire resistance, and he can get +50% Block for 2 turns (both are pretty bad for you).
  • Many monsters have some multi-attacks that can do you pretty bad.


  • Obviously, get an ice or water weapon! Ice preferably, but you can always get the temporary Vanilla Ice Katana on the right side of the quest.

What To Watch Out For

  • Go right > up > take the left side, to get the temporary Vanilla Ice Katana. (shows up as Frozen Claymore in your temporary inventory)
  • Go right > up > take the right side, to get a room with 2 full HP/MP potions.
  • One of Drakonnan's attacks gives you -100 to Fire. Always check your stats before you attack.
  • One of Drakonnan's attacks gives him 50% Block. Always check his stats before you attack.
  • You don't need to do the Titan Battle with Titan Drakonnan to complete the quest.

The Long Walk

DA + Titan

An old friend returns in this quest. Depending how high of a level you are, this guy could be a VERY old friend.


  • If you are lucky, you will keep getting incorrect buttons and get more experience!


  • You might get too many monsters!


  • A pet/dragon with light equipped.
  • Artix as your guest.

What To Watch Out For

  • If you click "Lower Left" and it's incorrect, it doesn't mean that, for the entire quest, "Lower Left" will be incorrect. It's by real-life luck.

The VurrMen Ruins

Seemingly an unbeatable quest in terms of experience gain to many farmers worldwide! This is a very basic, repetitive quest that actually really helps that bar above your stats.


  • Dialogue: Kind of short but will get tedious after a while.
  • Monsters: One-hit or two-hit kills, pretty much. This is a random map quest, there is no way to know how many monsters you'll beat.
  • Boss Monster: A four-hit kill in the most basic form.


  • Drops 2 Junk items with a really great sellback.
  • Drops all 4 books that are redeemable to Maya. Only good for lower level items.


  • As it is a random map quest, you can't tell if there'll be healing pads.


  • A light weapon would be great here for the spooky woods area.

What To Watch Out For

  • Some paths lead to a healing pad, some lead to the boss.


Now, wars and special events, such as Frostval or Hero's Heart Day, are very debatable on experience rewards. As we don't know what the quests or experience rewards are per event, this is mostly based on praying for high rewards. The staff never does release experience rewards or scaling formulas for such quests.

However, with the release of FalconsNest came the Time Travel Fairy Time Tours Statue. Navigate through FalconsNest and find this statue to access nine wars from the past! Each of the war waves in each war, I've noticed for myself, gives killer experience rewards! Note that you can't get rare war items anymore from these wars except for Time Travel Fairy Time Tours items.

If a war or special event is released, I recommend going through the quests available. Generally, war waves in a war will give good experience, however we can't vouch for special quests or boss/titan monsters.

Something Fishy

A nice, short Titan farming quest with good EXP.


Click "Travel" on the Falconreach noticeboard, go to Osprey Cove, talk to Rhubarb and click on "Quests". It is the last quest in the chain, so you have to have completed all of the quests prior to it to be able to play it.


You will need your Titan dragon to be able to do this quest. King Braken is a fairly easy foe with only around 2000 HP more than you, so if you use your skills wisely then you should have no problem. You should be able to complete this quest in around 1½ minutes or less if you have primal, 2½ if not. You get 3300 EXP per run, making an average of around 66000-132,000 exp per hour.

Also gives about 500 gold (with selling the drop), which is higher then Potion Mastery and also a shorter and easier quest (with a higher trained dragon).


  • King Braken, the only enemy, is easy if you use your skills appropriately.
  • It isn't scaled.
  • The quest is quick to complete.
  • The gold rewards are very good (440 gold per run 150 each item).
  • Game play is usually smooth.


  • The cut-scene and dialogue at the beginning wastes a little time.
  • You have to re-summon your Titan dragon every time you do the quest.
  • If you don't have many skills trained, then Braken could be more difficult than necessary.
  • Requires a Dragon Amulet.
  • You can get VERY unlucky and end up with a 0% hit chance due to his de-buffs, even the 'Unmissable' attack can still miss.


Original Guide by SlyCooperFan1