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DragonFable takes place in the land of Lore, 5 years from where AdventureQuest takes place. The Chapters in DragonFable are the main story/quests of the game. At the end of each chapter new feature's are introduced. In each chapter the player travels from zone to zone as they progress through the chapter doing main quests (chain quests). The quests can be replayed after completing them. In each of the multiple zones the player passes through in a chapter there are also numerous side-quests and NPC's.

Chapter 1

"The Dragon Egg Saga"

A Priestess named Lady Celestia and a certain moglin named Twilly approach land holding a mysterious black box with a dragon symbol on the side. After rescuing them from a Gorillaphant they scatter off into the forest.

After catching up to Lady Celestia and Twilly, a man named Drakath stands in your way. Drakath states that he is the leader of the "Darkwolf Bandits" and that this box is his key to the throne. After defeating Drakath in battle a Sneevil sneaks up and runs away with the box.

Robina in "Surewould Forest" has the box you are looking for and will give it to you if you complete a few quests for her, these being to steal from a group of Bandits and giving the gold to the monsters. Once the quests are done Drakath appears. After you defeat him the box is empty with the sneevil claiming its contents were dumped in the "Sneevil Dumpsite".

Twilly instructs you to go east again (far east) and find the greatest treasure hunter ever - who is Valencia's father. He is currently out looking for "The Ultimate Treasure". Fortunately, Valencia knows where the Sneevil Dumpsite is and takes you there. Somewhere amongst the strange and valuable items the Sneevils dumped here in the Sneevil Dumpsite is the Dragon Egg from the Black Dragon Box. After you have found the egg the "Ultra Vultragon", a giant Vultragon, flies along and steals it.

After the Dragon Egg is stolen by the Vultragon, Valencia knows its haven, Mt. Moordoor. Once there search through the Sneevil Dumpsite to get it back only to find something unexpected... there are five identical eggs!

Twilly sends you to visit Warlic, a Mage who will help you figure out which egg is the right egg by doing a string of quests to summon the Doomkitten. The Doomkitten will sniff out the dragon egg, but once the Doomkitten sniffs it out, it will try to devour the egg.

After obtaining the real Dragon Egg, it's time to put it in a safe place (so that it may show its true form) a secret cave! The stone statue conveniently located in the secret cave is enchanted and will keep your Dragon Egg warm until it hatches... Note: It was stolen some time in May 2007 by spiders because it turned out that the cave was in the territory of the spiders. After the Spider War, it was revealed that the eggs would hatch June 8, 2007.

- Players also have a choice on customizing the color of the egg but they only get one choice which will remain permanent. The choice will not effect the colour, gender, or element of the dragon.

Chapter 2

"Legend of the Dragon Lord"

A year after the release of the Dragon Amulets, dragons have hatched.

The player is sent on a quest to find the DragonLord armor. After defeating the Old Man of the Mountain, he gives you the armor. Repeating the quest unlocks the DragonLord skills one at a time. She also sends you to protect the town of Yokuto from the attack of Togzilla and his Kaiju with your dragon, giving the ability to train your dragon. She also gives you the dragon bonding quests, and sends you to battle the restaurant dragons.

Chapter 3

"Forest of the dead"

  • Haunted House - Thursday's mansion has been taken over by various creatures of the night but the only thing she wants back is a pendant, get it back and she'll let you swap it for one of her handmade items. In order to retrieve the pendent, you have to fight several red spectors (good light weapon recommended) and three main bosses:Awdreetoo, Underbed, and Nightshade. At the end of the quest, Nightshade will tell you that Thursday was important in 'the master's plans.'
  • Crystal Clear Lake - As a favor to Thursday, you have come to the badly named Crystal Clear Lake to clear a path to her herb garden. Bring a good fire weapon and a good light weapon against the monsters here; silver for the boss. At the end of the quest, you fight a werewolf named Lon. Lon was sent by 'the master' to guard Thursday, or 'Dark Hair', as Lon calls her.
  • Yaga Stone Circle - After being handed a note by Thursday, you make your way the ancient stone circle which the Five Yaga Sisters call home to stop them summoning the Savage Outworlder to destroy Lore. The sisters tell you that you were disrupting 'the master's plans'. The "Savage Outworlder" actually turns out to be a "potbellied furball" called Guffer. (Hint: even through the Savage Outworlder is a potbellied furball, he can still hit very hard, so defeat the Yaga sisters first then fight the monster. He will be much weaker)
  • The Vampire Tower - At the end of the path, you will encounter the Necromantress. She will tell you that you cannot pass through the fog to the tower unless you kill a werewolf for her. After you defeat it, pass through the fog and fight the vampires there. When you arrive at the tower, go upstairs and then go through the main door (guarded by two vampires). After that go up either of the two sets of stairs that appear, and you will meet the vampire Lord Frydae XIII. He turns out to be "the master" and tells you that Thursday was his great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great granddaughter (13 greats) and that he was planning to make her a vampire. Then you fight him and so ends the saga. It is interesting to note that Lord Frydae XIII's servants seem to think that he is stronger than, or is, the master of Sepulchure.

Chapter 4

"Save Lymcrest"

The River running into Lymcrest has been turned into lava and Warlic sends the Adventurer to find out what's happened. Xan is found near the river who says he is doing it to kill off the miners. He leaves the Adventurer to a Bassault and watches the fight from his throne in his Fortress.

Warlic needs a sample of the fire from the lava river so he sends the Adventurer to get some from the cave where the source is.

After the fire sample is obtained; Warlic needs a sample of spring water in the mountains which can purify the lava river. He sends the Adventurer into the mountains to defeat the Wind Cyclops HuffPuff who blocks the path.

With Huff Puff dead the Adventurer goes to the pure pool to get a sample of the water and defeat it's guardian Splashy, the giant sea monster.

With Splashy beaten and the sample secure, Warlic and the Adventurer purify the water and go to Xan's Fortress. They fall into a trap and are forced to fight each other. Warlic is beaten but fakes death and teleports behind Xan, pushing him into the arena with the Adventurer. Warlic blocks the power of the Pyronomicon from strengthening Xan and the Adventurer beats him. Xan then falls into the lava when the platform he stands on breaks. Warlic and the Adventurer leave with the Pyronomicon.

Xan has emerged from the volcano Fortress as a giant four-armed Titan! The Adventurer has to mount their Dragon and defeat him in an epic battle, which ends in Xan falling back into the lava, purportedly dead.

Chapter 5

These quests are accessible by Rhubarb in Osprey Cove

"Pirates vs. Ninjas Saga"

A pirate ship carrying loads of water breathing potions has been captured by ninjas. Rhubarb sends the Adventurer to retrieve the potions, however the ship gets blown up in the process.

Rhubarb asks the Adventurer to travel to the Ruins of Kordana and retrieve the Wind Pearl, which he believes will give a pirate total dominance of the winds, and therefore the seas. Upon making it through the ruins, which are, in reality the remains of a giant mecha, a hologram from the mecha's computer explains that the wind pearl was stolen by Drakath. (The hologram, Kordana, is a parody of Cortana from the popular Halo series. You can also get a helmet which looks like Master Chiefs, and the CorDemi Codex is similar to the forerunner artifacts in Halo.)

Rhubarb suspects that Drakath is working with the ninjas, and tells the the Adventurer of a sneevil ninja training dojo on Sho Nuff Island. He also says that the Sneevils there are very good at obtaining information and would know if anyone left the island. The Adventurer searches the dojo for information, eventually finding out that Drakath is still on the island. You must defeat the Okuchi no Okami boss to progress.

Captain Blackberry tracks [[Drakath down and tells the Adventurer that the quickest way to get to him is through an underwater passageway. Thanks to the water breathing potions mixing with the ocean, the Adventurer is able to breathe freely all the way through. Upon meeting Drakath, the two of them fight, with the Adventurer quickly gaining the upper hand. However, the wind pearl then emits a blast of wind shaped like a dragon's head, which floors the Adventurer. Drakath assumes that the pearl accepts him as its master. However, it then turns on him, blowing him away in a gust of wind.

Blackberry betrays the pirates, being transformed into Brakenberry. Drakath will confront you but in the Brakenberry fight he will not help you.

Brakenberry gets defeated and falls in Osprey Cove's waterfall. Things happen in the sea, and a giant octopus eat him. Brakenberry becomes King Braken, a Titan that will finish the Pirate quests.

There are macabre things in the Sho' Nuff Island mountains. After Thyton's or Rhubarb's request, you're sent to investigate. You discover that Sepulchure corrupted his dragon with a DragonAmulet. He defeats you ... for now.

These quests are accessible by Thyton in the Shadow of the Wind Village

The ship of the Ninjas, the Kessel, have problems with the Pirates, and in two minutes, the player must cross the coast to go to the marina. If the player crashes, a pirate monster (Buccaneer, Bonny Lass, Unlucky Pirate, L.D. Monkey or Pirate Monkey) will fight you.

You must save the Wind Orb. There is only one place to do so, the Ruins of Kordana.

Okuchi no Okami has information of Drakath's whereabouts. He tries to make you betray your loyal clan (Ninjas), but you said no. He becomes angry and you must finish him.

Drakath invaded a fire cave that has so many monsters to defeat. In order to progress, you must defeat Drakath.

Semi-finale of the Ninja chain quest, you fight Drakath and Okuchi no Okami.

Titan fight! Honda has been turned from the town's savior to its destroyer. Do you have what it takes to defeat the Iron-Fisted Giant?

There are macabre things on the Sho' Nuff Island mountains. After Thyton's or Rhubarb's request, you're sent to investigate. You discover that Sepulchure corrupted his dragon with a DragonAmulet. He defeats you ... for now.

Chapter 6

"The Sandsea Saga"

When you arrive Sandsea, you met up a with rebel. He wanted to tell you about the Orb of Light in return of fighting Sek-Duat's army but unfortunately Zhoom arrives and caught him.

You are asked by Zhoom to search for Kasuf in a ruin. Without been find out by Zhoom, you're trying to ask him the location of the Orb of Light.

Kasuf asked you to search in a wasteland for the rare Blue Lotus and then give it to Shah'Rae. What's so cool about a lotus?

You enter the Oasis Inn with lots of creepy desert thug staring at you. After that you met up with Shah'Rae, Kasuf's daughter. She told you that you can enter Sek-Duat XV's palace by going to Sek-Duat the First tomb to take down a mummy dragon. She also told you that some of the desert thug's in the inn is hunting for you. In the end of the quest, a desert thug told you that Drakath put a bounty on your head.

As what Shah'Rae said, you must defeat the mummy dragon that is rampaging Sek-Duat the First tomb.

  • Sek-Duat's Invite

Zhoom told you that you've been invited by Sek-Duat XV to enter his palace to thank you for let his ancestor sleep peacefully.{this is not a quest but still is in the quest chain)

Sek-Duat XV told you that there was a witch in the desert call The Sandwitch keeps making the citizens of Sandsea disappear. So you went to the desert to look for her and found her in a cave. In the end of the quest, she told you that she was on the good side.

Sek-Duat XV sent you to meet a member of the rebellion in a tomb. But later you found out it was Kasuf!

Sek-Duat XV sent you to the Lizardmen's Ziggurat to stop Zhoom. After numerous fighting, you manage to convince Zhoom about Sek-Duat XV's plot. But later a monster called Sphinxter was sent by Sek-Duat to hunt you and Zhoom down. You and Zhoom later defeated it.

You and Zhoom team up to search for Sek-Duat XV through out the palace. Later you and Zhoom discover a secret passage behind Sek-Duat's throne. You later found out that Sek-Duat XV is Sek-Duat the First!

Zhoom told you that Sek-Duat use his remaining power to summon a creature so deadly, The Dunelord! You and your dragon have to stop it. But somehow something tells you that 5000 years ago there's something deadly from above the sky.(Anyone that doesn't know about, refer to MechQuest!)

Chapter 7

"The Necropolis Saga"

Back in Doomwood, you meet with Artix in front of the Necropolis entrance. You have to protect Moonridge from the attack of the undead! Go through the waves and meet with the necromantress and fight her senior year project, Alpha Abomination.

After the undead have been destroyed, it's time to celebrate the heroes of the war. But the one last undead breaks in for you to defeat. After defeating the Armadeadon, you find out how to possibly break in to the Necropolis.

After the mayor of Moonridge told you of someone who was kicked out from the Necropolis, you venture to his home to find Zorbak, who after a failed spell gives his ID card (Which has an image of blue moglin, is expired and reads Expelled) to you, so that you could get in to Necropolis.

After getting inside Necropolis, you meet the Gatekeeper, and after nearly getting in, Artix attacks the Gate Keeper, so you must defeat him to go on. You also see the 50 million undead monster of Noxus's army, most maade by the Necromantress.

Teacher's assistant has an optional quest for you, to test his new Doomcrawler!

With the Necropolis map, you and Artix head to the Body Shop to stop the quick procress of undead making, by making them yourselfs, and ultimately breaking the Build-a-beast.

You have to sneak Artix's Holy Wasabi into all of the evil broth cauldrons to ruins the mixture! 3 of the cauldrons are protected by Chocolate cakes, and the last by King Burger!

Artix tells you about his past and how he became to hate the undead. He met Vayle, saved her, they ventured to the Guardian tower and found the Orb of Darkness, and next night, the green mist turned everyone into zombies expect Artix and Vayle.

You and Artix have to get to the purple robed necromantress before she notices you... but just between you and me... I think she might already know. You have to defeat Edgar, th brother of Vayle as undead, and it is revealed that Necromantress is Vayle!

You, Artix, Ghost and other players are starting to assault on the Necropolis to destroy all the undeads before you face Noxus.

You have defeated all the waves. Noxus sent the Necromantress (who is actually Lady Vayle) to after you. She summoned the Strangeknight (since its name its a strange knight) to attack you.

All the waves has been defeated, its to get to Noxus. However, Noxus has some undead left in his sleeves. After reaching to Noxus, Noxus tells you that Vayle IS the Orb of Darkness. You, Artix and Vayle teamed up to take down Noxus. In the end, Necropolis was stranded but it has become Sally's "playground".

After defeating Noxus, he give the Necro'U student an extra credit called the Skeletitan to destroy Moonridge. You and your dragon must destroy it!!!

Chapter 8

"Dragesvard Saga"

Galanoth has sent you to investigate a cave that has been rumored to be once the home of the Great Dragons. After investigating, you found a vault. Inside there's a locket with a picture of Galanoth's parent. Galanoth tells you that they were kill by the Great Fire Dragon, Akriloth!

Galanoth has asked you to investigate the most recently destroyed human settlement, and look for clues to its destruction. After a quick find, you found a weapon of the Ice Elves, a Shimat.

You used the Shimat to open a portal to the Ice Elves city. However, at near end of the quest Galanoth was taken captive. By the way, why was this quest named Gary?

You went back to the Ice Elves city to save Galanoth but you got caught instead. After that inside the cell you found Galanoth with a paper bag on his head. You and Galanoth later escape and find out that the Ice Elf queen is plotting to destroy Dragesvard!

Galanoth has sent you to the Killguin Battle Arena to speak to the king of the Killguins to try and convince him to join forces with the citizens of Dragesvard. The king was actually King Linus. Why is a small penguin, commanding penguin that is almost thrice his size???

Galanoth sent you to the Ursice Savage to convince them to join our army against Aisha's Ice Dragon army. And the only way is give them...a picnic basket?

Galanoth asked you to meet with the Tusker under the iceberg. You manage to convince the Tusker to join forces with us.

You and Galanoth go to the snow fields to meet with the Ice Dragon to see whether can they turn their back on Aisha. But since Galanoth has the same behavior as Artix (one is slaying undead and the other one is dragons), there's been trouble talking with the dragons. In the end of the quest, you found out that Aisha attempt is global cooling!

Its a war between Dragesvard, the Ice Dragons and Ice Elves.

You and Galanoth face General Sharthallis...and Gary, not the snail. Turns out that Gary has been control and being use as a pet.

Its time to face Aisha. She uses her (actually not hers) Ice Orb to transform herself into a dragon. She even chew Galanoth! But spit him out because there's Dragonbane all over his armor. You defeated Aisha and restore peace to Dragesvard.

You were invited to a party by Olaf but there's something fishy going on though. When you arrive Olaf's party, everyone was frozen half in the pool. They were stuck for a week. Later Aisha appear in a more bigger dragon form. You told Galanoth that you were actually a DragonLord, but he didn't mind. At first he thought your pet dragon is a dog. In the end, Olaf's friend had the most fun party.



Main NPC: Guardian Fortuna

  • The tower gems - collect all the Guardian gems to access the hidden chamber.
  • Gorgok Titan Fight- Fight on your dragon, and defeat the mighty dragon Gorgok.
Oaklore Keep

Main NPC: Captain Rolith

  • Sir Valance - Sir Valance is the Sneevil expert. The Sneevils have been stealing all the boxes? Oh noes! You must stop them!
  • Sir Vey's Camp - Forest Furies have been stealing his Mollo fruit seeds! Find out for him what's going on. After completing all of the Sir Vey Quests, you can merge Pouches of Sparkling Sand for Knight of the Pactogonal Table gear.
  • The Ultimate Prank (no EXP/gold gained) - Sir Prize and Sir Kuss are always finding pranks to pull on each other. Today, Sir Prize is getting his edge back on Sir Kuss.
  • Sir Jing's Weapons/The Ruins - Sir Vivor and Sir Casm get along with each other like a house on fire. Talk to them to find out about the Vurr'Men Ruins, and the legendary energy weapons of Sir Jing.
  • The Sweetest Thing - Sir Junn asked you to go to the bee hive to retrieve some royal honey that is so sweet until it can awake the other Pactogonal Knight from the bee sting.
  • Sir Pernatural - This guy is always telling ghost stories of one deceased knight who is (according to himself) Living Sorta-but-not-really (in other words, undead). Sir Koffagus is buried with his weapons. If you are brave enough to venture into the graveyard and Mausoleum, and return; then maybe you'll receive one of Sir Koffagus' weapons which were buried with him.
  • Sir Pent- A three headed sea serpent blocks the path from Oaklore to Falconreach. He attacks unlucky players when crossing a bridge. Unfortunately for you, today you're the unlucky player. This creature can only be fought once. The Dragon Amulet-only Hydra's Lair quest opened up on April 20.

The Pactogonal Knight
1.Sir Annaid(serenade)
2.Sir Casm(sarcasm)
3.Sir Chandestroy(search and destroy)
4.Sir Comvent(circumvent)
5.Sir Culation(circulation)
6.Sir Gent(sergeant)
7.Sir Junn(sergeant)
8.Sir Kull(circle)
9.Sir Loin(sirloin)
10.Sir Lee(surly)
11.Loremaster Maya
12.Sir Mise(surmise)
13.Sir Pent(serpent)
14.Sir Pernatural(supernatural)
15.Sir Pluss(surplus)
16.Sir Preem(supreme)
17.Sir Prize(surprise)
18.Sir Kuss(circus)
19.Sir Rated(serrated)
20.Sir Tax(surtax)
21.Sir Valance(surveillance)
22.Sir Vivor(survivor)
23.Sir Vey(survey)
24.Captain Rolith


Main NPC: Thyton, the ninja master, has recently come here to find Drakath. Nythera has been replaced by Artix then Thyton. Serenity runs the Inn behind Ash. Ash's Quests

  • Tree Fort (Sneevil Box Fort) - A tightly guarded sneevil hideout.
  • Rescue (Critter Cave) - Aria, Grams' granddaughter, has gone missing in a nearby cave infested by bug-like monsters. Find her and escort her back to her grandmother's pet shop.
  • The Cave (The Elemental Cave) - A large cave inhabited by water, wind, and rock elementals. It is said that magic items can be found here.
  • The Marsh (Marsh Madness) - A swamp filled with lizardmen and living mushrooms. It is said that the Imperial Mushroom who rules the swamp holds rare items.
  • Elemental Attack - Wind, Rock, and Water elementals are coming out of a portal in the forest. You must help the Knights protect the area to earn one of their powerful maces. Warlic claims that Xan is behind the attacks.
  • Doomwood (Creepy Undead Forest) - The Undead have taken over Doomwood forest and rumors are spreading that an abomination is being created there, it's a skeleton spider which is ridden by a sneevil.
  • The Grove (Enchanted Grove) - A forest filled with corrupted fairy-like creatures, along with centaur-like beings.
  • Challenge - (You need more iron in your diet) - A mad scientist named Dr. Voltabolt needs help when his "Perfectly Normal House" is taken over by his own wild creation(s).

Other NPCs: Serenity, Yulgar, Grams, Reens, Patch, The Barber, Twilly, Sir Render, Mayor Rayf, Mysterious Stranger, Cysero, Aria, Thyton, Chiku (Guardian Tower), Ash Dragonblade

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