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Invite Buttons for Guests

A Guest (aka:friend) is an NPC who may join your party and adventures. Guests' HP and MP cannot be restored by shrines or other NPCs.
You cannot have more than 2 guests in your party (Friend A & Friend B). An additional guest will cause you to lose the last guest who joined your party.


  • When you finish Critter Cave (the quest where Aria joins your party) all your guests will leave your party so you won't be able to take Aria to your other adventures.
  • Icemaster Yeti was only available in the Return to the Yeti Cave! quest during Frostvale 2007
  • Zhoom is only available in Zhowdown! and Sek-Duat Lives Again.
  • Warlic is only available for the quest Xan's Volcano Fortress.
  • In some times, when you click on the Teleport button, you stay with your guests (glitch?).
  • It is possible to get two Artix as your guests. First go to Amityvale and invite Artix as friend B, then go to Well, Well, Well and finish the quest. You should have two Artix as your guests!
Two Artix

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