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[[Image:Df_artix.png|frame|right|Artix von Krieger]]
'''Artix Krieger:''' Hail and well met my friend. It is a great day to battle the evil forces of the undead (*According to Artix, every day is is a great day to battle undead!)
== '''Location''' ==
Graveyard, in the Necropolis, The Well
== '''Conversation''' ==
Sends you to one of Artix's random undead quests.
'''Haunted Castle'''
Sends you to Haunted Castle (Castle Ruins) quest.
'''Artix Krieger:''' Reports of undead activity have been increasing across the land. I have come to Amityvale seeking your help to defeat them!
'''Who are you?'''
'''Artix Krieger:''' Please accept my apology. I was so excited to actually meet you in person that I forgot to introduce myself.
'''Artix Krieger:''' My name is Artix von Krieger and I am a Paladin who has decicated his entire life to battling the undead.
Artix Krieger: You can usually find me battling the supernatural creatures in Doomwood. The highest concentration of undead can be found here!
'''Artix Krieger:''' Lady Celestia told me that you hatched your Dragon! Amazing! Have you been feeding and training it?
'''Doom Weapon'''
'''Artix Krieger:''' Doom Weapons? They are evil weapons that promise great power but carry a terrible curse for those foolish enough to wield them.
'''Artix Krieger:''' Worse yet, I fear that I am responsible for the creation of one of them. It is a long tale that ended in a battle against a Master Necromancer.
'''Artix Krieger:''' He had just summoned a creature from the Plane of Eternal Darkness. The creature could not be slain so I trapped its soul in my Battleaxe...
'''Artix Krieger:''' As a result of the battle I was severly injured (-30 levels) and my Battleaxe was lost. I wonder if there could be a way to purify it.
'''Artix Krieger:'''Necromancers use their dark magic to create undead minions. There is a new Master Necromancer in the land named Noxus.
'''The Graveyard'''
'''Artix Krieger:'''I was just about to go inside. Want to join me? Just follow me through the archway.
Gives you full HP and MP heal.
'''Inside the Graveyard'''
Inside the graveyard
'''Artix Krieger:''' Wow, <insert character name>, I am so glad you are in Doomwood. It is an honor to fight beside you.
'''<Character Name>:''' Thanks. So what exactly are you up to here?
('''Used to be:'''
'''Artix Krieger:''' Greetings and salutations friend! Wow, are you <character name> I am so glad you are in DoomWood. It is an honor to finally meet you.
'''<Character Name>:''' Thanks, its nice to meet you too. What are you up to here? )
'''Artix Krieger:''' Exorcising the undead to free their souls. It is also a great excercise.
'''Undead:''' *Groan*
'''<Character Name>:''' Need a hand?
*A Zombie hand come flying into the ground*
'''Undead''': *Snicker*
'''<Character Name>''' & Artix Krieger: Heh...
<Character Name>: So... do you always hang out in creepy Graveyards battling the Undead?
'''Artix Krieger:''' No, not all the time.
'''Artix Krieger:'''Sometimes I go to Underground Crypts, Lich Lairs, Mummy Tombs and the occasional Shopping Mall.
'''<Character Name>:''' *He really likes fighting the undead.*
<'''Character Name>:''' Wait... the mall?
'''Artix Krieger:''' Indeed! The undead LOVE malls. Someone puts up a sale and they swarm like bees! *coughs* Zom-bees!
'''Zombie:''' *Was about to groan...* shawwwwwping? Arewwww...
'''Zombie''': Arrrewwww... bruuu wright saaaale!?
'''Zombie:''' Arghhhh... disssssscount barrrgaaaargins!?
'''Artix Krieger:''' Say, if you are battling against the creatures of Darkness it would be an honor to fight beside you.
'''<Character Name>:''' Sure, as long as you keep up!
'''Artix Krieger:''' !
'''Artix Krieger:'''I like the way you think, this is going to be fun. Lead the way friend!
'''<Character Name>:''' *Wow, and not a single typo in that entire dialogue.*
'''The Well'''
'''(Outside Well)'''
'''<Character Name>:''' Hello down there! Are you alright?
???: NOOOOoooooooooooo!
<'''Character Name>:''' What's wrong!?
'''???:''' There is some Paladin down here and he is wiping us all out!
'''Artix:''' - Be still fiend! Prepare thyself for holy retribution exorcism aura of justice!
'''???:''' AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
'''<Character Name>:''' This isn't going how I imagined. HANG ON ARTIX, I'M COMING!
(Inside Well, Before Boss)
'''Artix''': - Well met friend! Your timing is amazing... this next fiend looks like the BOSS!
'''<Character Name>:''' You know Artix, normally in a rescue quest the hostage is not fighting his way to the boss with monsters fleeing in terror...
'''<Character Name>:''' I mean, seriously... what are you doing in here?
'''Artix''': - Well, this spooky little girl told me to jump down here to get her ring. She said I only had 7 days, so it must be important!
'''<Character Name>:''' *sigh* Now we are going to have to make a list of people (and things) not to take quests from... alright, let's battle!

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