True Mortal

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True Mortal


Stoneheart Fall


True Mortal is a Spirit Warden who guards a portal imprisoning an evil spirit; in his case he cannot let anyone pass through the portal with harmful intent. His spirit companion is Thorn. True Mortal is also (ironically) immortal which has allowed him to be 2,000+ years old and guard said portal.

Important Text

True Mortal: ...


You: Who... what are you?
True Mortal: I am many things. Most do not concern you. Let us say, I am a guardian of mankind. You may call me True Mortal.
You: Guardian of Mankind?
True Mortal: I keep that which should not be in this world imprisoned.
You: You keep something terrible imprisoned?
True Mortal: Yes. And it is my duty to ensure that the spirit doesn't escape

True Mortal?

True Mortal: Over a thousand years ago, I was known as Letalis. Events... transpired that caused me to take on the name True Mortal. It was something of an irony as you no doubt understand. For ages I have stood vigil, keeping my prisoner held. It is my duty as a spirit warden to ensure that the prisoner remains held. By keeping my prisoner at bay, I can ensure the safety of Lore.

Spirit Warden?

True Mortal: A Spirit Warden is like a jailer. It is the duty of the Spirit Warden to ensure that when a spirit turns evil, and threatens one or more worlds, that it be imprisoned... and not allowed to escape. If the spirit DOES escape, it is the duty of the Spirit Warden to track the spirit down wherever it may be hiding and re-imprison it. This becomes th imperative duty of the Spirit Warden. Of course this isn't ALL a Spirit Warden does. By looking into the Spirit of a being, whether human or not, a Spirit Warden can see the wounds that are not of body, but of Spirit, and can heal those internal wounds. Well, most of the time anyway. In my particular case, I must also stand guard at this portal and defend it from any who may try to pass with harmful intent. It is why I stay here. Besides, I like the quiet, and out here, Thorn may hunt at his leisure.


True Mortal:The portal beside me leads to another portal. There are a total of five that are connected. Each portal is somewhere on Lore, and is guarded by creatures who are given the power to defend their respective gates. I have lost contact with the other guardians, but it shouldn't be a problem, since to get to any gate, one must first pass through this one. To gain access to the gates, they must be passed through in a specific order. Any of the guardians alone should be enough to deter those who mean ill... but to bypass or defeat all five guardians would require remarkable strength.


True Mortal: Thorn is my spirit companion.
Thorn: *Growl*
True Mortal: Immortality has it's disadvantages. It is posiible, through the power of the Spirit Warden, to share a life force. The reason for doing so is simple. Everyone needs a companion to share in triumphs and failures. In this case, Thorn, who came to my aid two millenia ago has become my companion. His becoming my companion was something of an accident, but I am grateful that it happened, and would change nothing. I have since learned control of my power, but in those early years, it was good to have Thorn help me. He is extremely inteligent, and a good companion.


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