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This page is for the requesting of articles, categories, or templates to be deleted. They will be reviewed and voted on by the community.

If deemed not worthy of being in the Unofficial Dragon Fable Wiki, the article will be deleted by an Administrator or Moderator.

Criteria for Deletion

To be deleted, an article must meet one of the following criteria:

  1. A duplicate of another article
  2. Derogatory, Racist, or otherwise offensive content
  3. Unrelated to DragonFable or AdventureQuest (excluding User Pages and UserTalk Pages)
  4. Have no content/Empty pages (excluding pages that have been vandalised and not yet restored)
  5. Requested by original author for deletion

If a request is lodged that meets one or more of these requirements, it can be deleted by a moderator. In order for a article to be deleted, there will be a one week voting period in which the community can vote on it. The votes that are acceptable are Keep, Delete, and Speedy Delete.

  • Keep votes are to be used when a voter believes the page has merit and is not worthy of being deleted.
  • Delete votes are to be used when a voter believes a page is not worthy of being on the Wiki, and should be deleted.
  • Speedy Delete is only to be used when a page is completley without purpose/merit, is offensive, or empty. If there are at least 5 Speedy Delete Votes, and no non-author Keeps, then the article may be deleted before the one week voting period ends.

If a vote 2/3's (or greater) of the votes are either Delete and Speedy Delete votes at the end of the voting period, the page will be deleted by a moderator. If fewer than 2/3s of the votes are Deletes and Speedy Deletes, the page remains.


User:So and So makes a page about The Cave Quest, and copies an entry for it already on the Wiki. User:Such and Such sees the page and puts it up for deletion. After one week of voting, there are 10 delete votes, 1 Speedy Delete vote, and no keeps. It is moved to the list of pages to be deleted. Moderator:This and That then deletes the page. Good times are had by all.

Current Requests for Deletion

To request an article be deleted, please use Template:Delete by typing {{delete|why=reason for deletion}}