ChaosWeaver Rune

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The icon representing ChaosWeaver Runes.
ChaosWeaver Rune
This token of gratitude comes from the ChaosWeavers you helped defend in Ravenloss. Use it to merge into the ChaosWeaver Defender scythe at the end of the war!(Bonus prize unlocks if you collect enough of these.
Type: Resource
Level: 0
Location:Race to the Judgement Wheel
Price:Quest Reward
Exchanged at:ChaosWeaver defender shop



Special Notes:

  • ChaosWeaver Defender Shop can be found by clicking war rewards> more rewards> ChaosWeaver Defender
  • At end of war if you collect 15 more you will unlock a special cutscene where you can buy a babyweaver pet.
  • cutscene can be found by clicking war rewards> more rewards> ChaosWeaver Champion> ChaosWeaver Defender Story

ChaosWeaver Scythe

ChaosWeaver Scythe
Weapon number Weapon Name Level ChaosWeaver Runes Required Element Damage Rarity Bonus
1 ChaosWeaver Beggar Scythe 15 25 Fire 32-40 15 Crit. +2
2 ChaosWeaver Artisan Scythe 25 50 Fire 40-50 15 Bonus+1,Crit. +1,END+1
3 ChaosWeaver Guard Scythe 35 75 Fire 50-60 15 Mag. Def.+1, Melee Def. +1, Bonus+3, Crit.+3, End. +2
4 ChaosWeaver Soldier Scythe 45 100 Fire 60-72 15 Mag. Def.+2, Melee Def. +2, Bonus+3, Crit.+5, End. +5
5 ChaosWeaver Noble Scythe 55 125 Fire 65-79 15 Mag. Def.+3, Melee Def. +3, Bonus+5, Crit.+5, End. +6
6 ChaosWeaver Priest Scythe 60 150 Fire 64-86 15 Mag. Def.+3, Melee Def. +3,Dodge+3, Bonus+6, Crit.+7, End. +7
7 ChaosWeaver Defender Scythe 65 175 Fire 67-91 15 Mag. Def.+5, Melee Def. +5,Dodge+5, Bonus+8, Crit.+8, End. +8