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Unlocking Alexander



Alexander is an unlockable character to Dragon Amulet owners by reading his journal in the burnt down mansion of Residential Swordhaven. He is a side character similar to Ash of Falconreach, but his storyline occurs in Swordhaven. His abilities are primarily ice based, due to his fear of fire.

Alexander is Xan. He renamed himself after Warlic accidentally set his head on fire, in homage to Jaaina's attempt to scream Alex's name as she was frozen: "Allee.... Xaaannnnn...."

Starting Overview

Alexander will start off with the Ice Mage Staff and 200 Dragon Coins. However as there is currently no Dragon Coin vendor in Swordhaven, they are useless.


Melee  : 5

Pierce : 5

Magic  : 5

Parry  : 0

Dodge  : 0

Block  : 0


Damage  : 10 - 20

Element : Ice

Critical: 5

Bonus  : 10

Boost  : 0%

Note that these are his starting stats.


Alexander's Skills

Alexander is an ice mage with 5 abilities, and a level cap of 20.

Swipe Skill


Description: What else is a staff for?

Effect  : Damage enemy for 100%

Unlock  : Level 2

Charge Skill


Description: 20% power boost

Effect  : Increase damage done by 20% for 4 turns

Unlock  : Level 3

Frost Bomb

Description: Ice Attack

Effect  : Deals 100% Ice damage to your enemy

Unlock  : Level 4


Description: Triple Ice Attack, lowers ice resistance

Effect  : Deals 300% Ice damage, decreasing Ice resistance by -25 for 4 turns

Unlock  : Level 4


Description: Hits all enemies

Effect  : Deals 100% damage to all enemies

Unlock  : Level 6